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Stoke Council
This Council is a real treat (a breath of dog) - at least if you are a Council member. If you live in Stoke on Trent, well that is another story - you just get to carry the bill for miss-managed public money that has been really badly handled by people who claim to work in the interests of the Citizens of Stoke on Trent, for example:
bulletWorldgate - an excuse to set up in business against local computer companies. This little venture set up by Stoke on Trent City Council, Staffordshire University and a well known computer manufacturer will cost local Rate Payers 10 Million pounds - The Council has to pay back these Millions because their little plan failed, as it would if you ask anyone in the IT industry. Still, The Computer manufacturer and the University made money - it is a pity that they took it from the Rate Payers ultimately.
bulletThe Company scandal - this one was dreamed up somewhere in the corridors of power at Stoke on Trent City Council. It is alleged that this cool scam was thought up no doubt to make the Council some sort of Business Entrepreneur (which they clearly are not, never have been, or will ever be). Basically, set up a company to use monies from the Government office in Walsall (EC money given to further training (hence Staffs University involvement) for purposes that they were not intended for. For example - training monies that are used to set up internet sites for Businesses - and give the business a free computer - directly in contravention of the rules. Of course, no legitimate company can compete with the redirection of Government money in this way - it actually puts IT businesses out of business! 
bulletThe 'Lets Help You' scam - allegedly another scam that redirects monies from Government money end up in the wrong place - or simply give very bad value for money. Simple really, invite a bunch of new and 'green' Companies to seminars about how the Government can help them - claim the money on these companies behalf and do a half baked job on the 'greenies' - no problem.

There are no doubt other similar schemes that are in the pipe lines as we speak and some we know about over the years involving the now defunct Stoke on Trent ITeC, but rest assured, if we hear of any new allegations we will of course put them on these pages - you make your own mind up..... especially if you live in Smoke on Stench - oops, Stoke on Trent.

Maybe one of these days these guys are going to make a big mistake and there will be decent proof to back up the allegations - let's hope so - and get these people answering for the wrong they commit - it's long overdue.

Like I said - check out the expenses of these guys - that's where you will find the real scandals...


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