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It's not often you come across a gem. Here in the UK we usually get charged a fee - a big fat extortionate fee for everything we get, buy, inherit, use, breathe (oops that's next year), drink, excrete... well you get the picture.

But yes I declare - this site, greedybastards.co.uk is absolutely FREE without any form of charge or tax whatsoever - and unlike companies there's no charge for reading it either.

There MUST be a catch.

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Shell Oil


Shell - a company that sells Fuel in the UK. If you visit the Shell web site you will see that they are proud that they have made 24,000,000.00 (yes 24 million) per day in profit for the first three quarters of 2000. That is equal to 6,600,000,000.00 (6.6 Billion) pounds for 9 months work.

In 2006 they declared 13,000,000,000.00 pounds profit for just one year. That's 13 BILLION Pounds Profit.

Anyone who is this proud of taking it's customers to the cleaners deserves to fail - but this is unlikely because all of the oil companies are making obscene profits from their customers - they know you have no choice when it comes to buying from them. 

These are tough acts to follow, except to say that in the UK the protests will eventually come back, the Government tells the Public that they can not afford to reduce the VAT and Duty on the fuel and as we have already seen (maybe they should not waste so much money on absolutely useless things and hair brained ideas from Blair & Prescott). It is unlikely that Shell care or give a damn no matter what they say in public.

It is interesting that both Shell and the Government talk about the Green characteristics of keeping fuel at a high cost and the advantages of keeping Global Warming under control. Shell even use this as an advertising campaign to promote their multi billion pound company.

This in itself would be good - except for one little snippet that we have recently picked up (but neither the Government or any oil company will discuss) about Global Warming. In FACT - over the last thirty years it has been determined by literally hundreds of scientists - some who lead the world in these matters - that the planet has cooled 1.5 to 2 degrees. This is NOT talked about much, but does sometimes get printed in one Scientific journal or another - and we have seen this recently reported on in a UK national Tabloid news paper.

Not one word has been talked about this subject - just the 'benefits' to you and I about how we can reduce Global warming......  it's a pity they don't tell you that it's reducing anyway. I suppose later they will claim that you need to buy more fuel to warm up the Globe sometime in the future.... well, they would wouldn't they.

In the mean time Shell has some great reading about how it is going to make it's future Billions on their web site and how their policies about the 'green' factor will make them money - take a look - it's your money they are talking about.

In 2006 they had taken us all for a ride, but not least here in the UK. Our American friends don't know they are born!

The funny thing is, that Mobil Exxon posted the highest profits in world history in 2006 - over 20 BILLION Pounds. It makes us wonder here at greedybastards.co.uk how they make all that money by selling Petrol for just 1.70 per gallon?

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