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It's not often you come across a gem. Here in the UK we usually get charged a fee - a big fat extortionate fee for everything we get, buy, inherit, use, breathe (oops that's next year), drink, excrete... well you get the picture.

But yes I declare - this site, greedybastards.co.uk is absolutely FREE without any form of charge or tax whatsoever - and unlike companies there's no charge for reading it either.

There MUST be a catch.

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We bet it is a precursor for more money from the Government - Rail track claimed it could not make money and the service would suffer (?) because of a shortage of funds. They were right! We wonder if Rail track had considered what has happened to the public over the last few years or so because of bad maintenance procedures, no maintenance procedures, or simply complacency on the rail ways in the UK by themselves.

Of course, Rail track has now bit the dust - and rightly so. Fancy maintaining the rail system without actually maintaining it! Ever likely the directors were on to a good thing at the time, alas, Tony's boys decided it was the end, and so it came to pass. It's a bit like governing a country without actually doing anything - and getting paid for it. No one springs to mind...

Of course, it took many people's lives to make Tony listen, but that's how Tony is - remember Iraq! How could we forget here in (2006) we're still there and our 1000th soldier (victim) has just been killed. Still, I don't think he was related to the Queen, Charles  or the Blairs or Browns - and that's probably why one of them is no longer with us. It is a real waste of life. I liked the one where the lad was playing soldier in Iraq, but it was deemed to dangerous so they recalled him to the green pastures of England...  nice...  it's a pity others have to give their lives for the rabble..

One wonders just how you get a monopolized industry under your belt as rail track did, but have not the slightest knowledge of how to actually keep the service going, safely, efficiently and cost effective for the passengers who have to pay dearly - sometimes with their lives - for the privilege of riding on the rail network.


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