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It's not often you come across a gem. Here in the UK we usually get charged a fee - a big fat extortionate fee for everything we get, buy, inherit, use, breathe (oops that's next year), drink, excrete... well you get the picture.

But yes I declare - this site, greedybastards.co.uk is absolutely FREE without any form of charge or tax whatsoever - and unlike companies there's no charge for reading it either.

There MUST be a catch.

It is Alledged

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PC World, a company that says it's 'stamping down on prices right across the store'. It is of course a matter of opinion if they are really doing this. If you examine some of the 'special offers' that PC World have at any given time you may just be in for a shock.

Some of these offers look inviting - £XXX.XX off the price (unfortunately it is £XXX.XX off their price) - which price exactly - that is the question. Examination of some of these great discounts show that in some products the 'discount' is almost a figment of the marketing department - and PC World are not the only ones to do this.

Here's an example, suppose you have some printers that have a suggested retail price of £200.00. Now take some of these printers and offer them for sale in one PC World branch out of the way - somewhere in Scotland for £249.00 for say a month. 

The stage is now set - you're about to pay more than the suggested retail price from the manufacturer. It's a little known fact that when they have offered the product in this way they can then offer it as a discounted or 'special deal' product at say £225.00. You feel really happy that you saved £25.00 - but in fact you have lost  £25.00 over and above the suggested retail price from the manufacturer of the product.

The truth is, that most customers don't look too close at a 'bargain' simply because the facts are not obvious, they have no reference price to compare against and of course they believed the marketing campaign that the seller runs on the television.

Sharp practice runs throughout the UK retail chains if you allow it to affect you then you really have been silly. Always take high street and retail parks up on their price match pledges and NEVER believe that the 'special' is actually special.

As they say in the law courts 'caveat emptor' - let the buyer beware.....

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