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It's not often you come across a gem. Here in the UK we usually get charged a fee - a big fat extortionate fee for everything we get, buy, inherit, use, breathe (oops that's next year), drink, excrete... well you get the picture.

But yes I declare - this site, greedybastards.co.uk is absolutely FREE without any form of charge or tax whatsoever - and unlike companies there's no charge for reading it either.

There MUST be a catch.

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These contenders and their cohorts (expense claimers) claim to represent you and I. They claim to be democratic in nature, providing you agree with them and as you will see from the fuel crisis, if you become a pain to them then democracy is out of the window - they change the law and erect barriers so that you are no longer legally protesting.

Watch out for these people (and more importantly their expenses grabbers) and if you see one as they said in the old rock song... "Don't believe a word...."  The latest news is selectable from our menus on the left.

                      Leader of the Greedy        Another Leader of the Greedy - and there are more!  

Two great guys, if you like that sort of thing. But hey, with cohorts greedily grabbing all the money from inappropriate expenses (even sex films will do) who knows what's going on - these two didn't - did they?

These two pricks (oops sorry picks) show these guys when they are not too happy...  maybe it was the claim for that burger - or worse still, a claim for that toilet roll, or worse still that claim to pay...   well, you get the picture.

These are laughing stocks in this country today along with all the other greedies that you and I are paying out to keep - and for what?

Can you remember when you last bothered to vote? really...  now come on - tell the truth - what are you - some kind of politician or something?

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