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It's not often you come across a gem. Here in the UK we usually get charged a fee - a big fat extortionate fee for everything we get, buy, inherit, use, breathe (oops that's next year), drink, excrete... well you get the picture.

But yes I declare - this site, is absolutely FREE without any form of charge or tax whatsoever - and unlike companies there's no charge for reading it either.

There MUST be a catch.

Find out just what some of these UK companies and government is actually like.

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It just doesn't get any greedier than this...

anywhere in the world.

This site shows how Companies & Government (all flavors) in the UK exploit services and tax systems that devalue your income so far that frankly it's a national scandal.

And of course with the current Speight of Greedy Politicians here in the UK scamming their expenses for personal gain, or maybe employing relatives or even hiring the odd sex film (well it could have been odd bearing in mind some of their choices) who knows exactly what's going on - the ones who do have all indicated that they did nothing wrong - it was all 'above board' and legitimately claimable - or a mistake? Have you ever noticed that these 'mistakes' ALWAYS go in their favor? Of course - they claim they have done nothing wrong, the odd duck house, sweets, sex film, country tennis court, mortgage, payment for staff (read family) and anything else they can claim they have - and it's not all out there yet!

My own view is that these people should be hounded to pay back every last penny of the last 10 years WITH INTEREST - and for those who have to, they should then be tried for embezzling money from the public purse. This cannot happen - as any reader will know - they are the people who will stop it happening.

Time has out since the early days of the Petrol scandal in the UK that ordinary people like you and I, have woken up to these national scandals - see the latest information then VOTE on this site - we need results to pressure those involved (although it is likely they will plunder your wages unless real action is taken against them).

Look at history, it is littered with Individuals, Companies, Governments and even Countries that did not listen to their own people - the people they were supposed to represent. One way or another they usually either go bust, get toppled - or worse, become another Country - still, if the Government have their way and join the Euro - there will be little left - not even the pound in your pocket....

If you know of any allegations regarding any subject where you feel the public get a roar deal then just email it to we look forward to hearing from you.

We sincerely hope you like the website. It's a great name, which is allowed on the internet, and allowed in many places - there's no alternative to a great expletive occasionally and greedy bastards is no exception, especially where, corruption, greed, dishonesty, lies and all that other good shit that goes with being a politician is concerned.

I would have talked about gays etc etc, but I'm not allowed any more - Tony Blair and his mob made it an offence? maybe it's because he had too many gay colleagues, or maybe he just wanted to fine us for the privilege of talking about these subjects? Who knows. Who cares?

I suppose if we were governed by the Liberals then it would have been the same - or worse? and what about David the inheritor of the Thatcher empire - remember them?

This site is still under construction and may be for some time... or at least until I can get out of the UK once and for all... and stop being ripped off by the greedies....

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